Connecting a
growing industry

The Next
Great American

H2 Talent is creating new jobs where they haven’t existed before by bringing entrepreneurs, visionaries, problem solvers, and disruptors into the next great American industry.

H2 Talent is paving a new path for talent solutions by recognizing that successful cannabis businesses must have the right balance of outside talent and veteran talent. Our connections allow us to attract and find the right people from both worlds.

The Challenge

Companies are challenged to find the people who can navigate the explosive growth of the cannabis industry. There is a constant need for the right mix of talent as the industry — and the businesses in it — grow and evolve.

The dynamic environment requires people who are comfortable with constant change and can work in the present as well as plan effectively for the future.

The Solution

At H2 Talent, we locate, attract, qualify, and deliver the very best talent by leveraging our extensive network from both inside and outside of the industry.

Our team sources the highest caliber talent that includes the right mix of industry veterans with regulated cannabis experience, plus new talent with critical skills and leadership success outside the industry.

The modern, dynamic approach at H2 is much more than the traditional models of “taking orders”, “filling positions” or “meeting quotas”. We talk directly with business leaders and decision makers to understand the organizational needs. Then, we talk with talent to understand where they can best contribute, make an impact, and build your business.

Our connections, industry knowledge, and progressive approach result in a more productive, more effective and more efficient overall talent solution than any other method.

The Secret

H2 Talent is creating an elevated path for businesses by applying innovative approaches to source the talent solutions they need. We recruit exclusively for executive, C-level, and integral operational roles.

We find talent for our clientele who are risk takers, rather than corporate minded — who aren’t afraid to introduce new ideas and break outdated rules in order to forge successful new paths.

Leveraging our nationwide network and an approach backed by insider industry expertise, our team brings an unmatched advantage in both sourcing and screening top-tier candidates both inside and outside the cannabis industry.

Our progressive approach results in H2 clients hiring a higher level of talent than they would on their own or with traditional recruiting agencies.

The H2 Recipe For

The H2 path/solution provides the right balance of:


from outside the industry for executive roles


of veteran industry knowledge for key operational roles


to attract and find the right people from both worlds


A significant part of the license application process typically involves showing the decision-making body that the potential licensee has the right team members to ensure a successful implementation. H2 Talent can source the essential roles needed to differentiate your business from the competition and put you in a position to secure one of these coveted licenses.


No other search firm can match the H2 level of deep industry expertise and extensive nationwide network of premier talent. We can bring you talent to fill critical roles that set your business up for immediate impact and long term success. Examples of cannabis expert placements include director and manager levels for cultivation, processing, security, inventory, general management, and cannabis construction project management.

C-Level & Senior Management

We find C-Level talent with the proper skills and expertise from other industries that can transfer to the emerging cannabis industry. We can round out your critical team members, from CEO to medical director or pharmacist in charge, to chief compliance officer positions.
The H2 Talent network also finds premier candidates to place in your executive and senior management positions in areas such as HR, marketing, and sales.

How H2

Our executive search services range from sourcing talent from pre-license application through all phases of your business.

Depending on your specific situation and objective, we can work on a direct placement basis, on contingency, or solve your talent need with consulting placements.