The H2

Your Needs
Your Vision
Your Culture

We work with you to understand your needs, your vision, and your culture. We then find candidates with the right expertise who will fit within your culture and contribute from day one to your productivity and success.

Pre-License / Application

We cater to clients that need assistance in finding key positions for their license application and beyond. We find talent that will be a long-term, operational partner to you.

There are times when our engagement begins as your application deadline is imminent and that’s where we really excel. Our focus shifts to finding you the best talent possible — and fast! We never lose sight that our main objective is to help you win your license, as that is the starting point for the rest of your goals.

We work with you to understand your immediate needs, connecting you with candidates that possess the expertise you need for a specific area of the business such as the manufacturing process or cultivation methodology. We fully review the experience of each and every candidate, saving you hours of work and potential frustration. When we present a candidate, their experience has been fully qualified and quantified, and they’ve confirmed that they can pass a background check and will not be represented on any other license application in your state.

Search & Placement

We know the market, have the connections, and will partner with you in identifying, attracting and delivering the next addition to your executive leadership team.

Consulting Placement

Hourly or project-based assignments in which candidates provide subject-matter expertise to our clients. Consulting placement structures range from phone consultations to ‘boots on the ground’ assignments for defined periods of time to assist our clients with design and build out of a facility or other start-up services, or for special projects.