H2 Talent

H2 Talent is founded on non-traditional and groundbreaking principles to harness the expertise and connections that each of the founding partners brings to our relationship-based business model.

Drawing from our deep and broad expertise and connections with across the country, we can provide the right structure and mix of talent — from Directors of Cultivation, to PhD chemists and the C-suite to rounding out essential operational roles.

As the paths of the founding partners crossed, they realized a unique opportunity to bring an innovative and disruptive approach to sourcing talent and to connecting a growing industry.


Jay Czarkowski

Jay is known nationwide for his role as a pioneer and visionary leader of the cannabis industry. Jay has built the industry as an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate and has worked with clients in 29 states. Prior to making his mark on the cannabis industry and building deep relationships with leaders across the country, Jay ran successful ventures as a high-tech industry executive and a high end real estate developer.

Michelle Whitmore

Michelle is known for her disruptive and transformative approach to the industries and organizations where she has led recruiting and people efforts. Michelle’s background is rooted in her love of emerging technologies and services and includes leadership roles such as head of HR and talent acquisition for Sega of America. Across her deep experience in people operations and talent acquisition, Michelle has worked in high tech start-ups and recruitment agencies within the tech hubs of Austin, Seattle, San Francisco & LA.

Back 2%

At H2 Talent, we see giving back as both an opportunity and a responsibility. We also view the social justice element of the cannabis industry as a vital piece of positive change.

We give back 2% of our income to programs that improve career opportunities and move forward through education and advocacy to repair, address, and remedy significant social justice issues related to cannabis.