COVID Musings

What a strange time. I know that’s a sentiment that has been expressed a million times over in the past weeks, but that doesn’t detract from the truth of it.

Like so many others, our business abruptly dispersed to home ‘offices’, well before we were actually prepared to do so despite much discussion of this likely coming up.  Looking back, I know that I approached the transition with something akin to brute force – create structure around how we communicate, the cadence at which we meet, how we stay connected.  I read everything I came across that promised to help me successfully lead and manage a team remotely.  This tends to be the way I approach most new situations for better or worse:  How do I bend this to my will?

Fast forwarding to today, I’m much more comfortable in video meetings and conference calls. The interactions seem more natural.  I, and my team, have figured out how we can manage our desks as well as our tight team dynamics despite the distance.


I see the same transition happening with our clients and those in our network.  A shaky, uncertain start has been replaced by confidence, communication and the continuance of strategic planning.  As is typical in the cannabis industry, we’ve all banded together to provide a very loud voice at the inequities our industry faces.  A trip to my favorite dispensary leads to anxious conversations with staff about the level of risk they’re exposed to in being a cash-only business.  Story after story about the ineligibility for any form of small-business relief for what’s recently been deemed an essential business.  Are most sales up during the quarantine on the retail side?  Seems so, but there are myriad ancillary businesses that have been impacted by clients’ pending decisions for more certain times, state legalization efforts that are postponed due to the difficulty in obtaining petition signatures or the fact that their government’s focus (and budget) has shifted to handle the health crisis.

I think I see a very welcome light at the end of the tunnel.  We’re beginning to discuss how we come back together, and what ‘together’ now looks like, how our industry has changed so drastically in a matter of weeks.


I joined cannabis because I wanted to help further an industry that was focused on alternative, natural solutions for elevating health and well-being.  These past weeks have reminded me of why I stay:  I’m so proud to contribute to a movement that never gives up, never gives in, always finds a way.

We’re here, continuing to strengthen leadership and recruit executive teams for cannabis companies across the nation.  We’re here, continuing to work with entrepreneurs to demonstrate the cannabis expertise they need to obtain a license to operate their business.  We’re here, continuing to work hand in hand with amazing professionals that share our vision of an industry without stigma.

Michelle Whitmore, Founding Partner