Front-Row Seats

I started my professional career in the video game industry, before games were a mainstream form of entertainment and found in practically every household like they are today. I was intrigued by it all – the fast pace, the small, close-knit camaraderie of the studio, the fact that everyone was figuring it out as they went. It was amazing to have a front-row seat to witness the growth and the evolution of the industry as a whole as platforms came and went and technological advances made each year’s offerings sleeker, faster and more life-like.

Right People, Right Roles

Most of my positions have been a blend of human resources, recruitment, office management, project management, bookkeeping. When people asked me what I did, my answer was always ‘everything but the actual development.’ While no two days were ever alike, the one thing that’s held true across the board in every organization was this core tenet:  The most important impact I can have is to ensure we’re getting the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Recruiting has always been my favorite function, even when in broad generalist roles. I love finding out what’s unique about each candidate I meet and it’s so much fun to put the puzzle together between an individual’s needs and wants and those of our client. I’m helping individuals navigate their career path as well as take those next big steps.

Front-Row Seats, with Purpose

Today I’m working in cannabis, an industry that I couldn’t have envisioned being a part of even as recently as a few years ago and I’m loving it more than I imagined I could. Just like video games and my other roles in emerging tech, it allows me to have that front row-seat to unique challenges and fast-paced growth and evolution.  

There’s more to it than that, though. Working in cannabis has given me a sense of meaningful purpose, perhaps for the first time in my career. Truly! I get to speak with people every day whose lives, or those of their friends and family members, have been changed by cannabis. Their stories are courageous, sometimes heartbreaking, and they inspire me to be here continuing to push for safe access for all.

H2 gives me the ability to directly contribute to the growth and evolution of careers, organizations, and the ability to help shape an entire industry. For me, it’s not just a passion, it’s my privilege.


Michelle Whitmore, Founding Partner