H2 Talent Launches to Provide Strategic Executive Recruiting for Next-Level Cannabis Companies

Jay Czarkowski partners with C-suite hiring experts to connect groundbreaking cannabis companies with the top-tier talent they need to succeed.


Boulder, Colo. – November 1, 2018 – What happens when one of the internet’s most socially connected executive recruiters joins forces with one of the cannabis industry’s most experienced and established founders? The result is H2 Talent, a new model for C-suite and executive recruiting for cannabis, connecting groundbreaking cannabis companies looking for next-level leadership with top-tier talent from across the business world.

H2 Talent, which formally launches today from its Boulder, Colorado, headquarters, is co-founded by John Comeau of C-Level Search and Jay Czarkowski of Canna Advisors. Comeau has been repeatedly recognized as one of the country’s leading recruiters, with C-Level Search being named by LinkedIn as the 24th “Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency in North America” out of a pool of 60,000 agencies. Czarkowski is known nationwide as an entrepreneur, investor, advocate, and visionary leader in the cannabis industry. Currently celebrating its 5th anniversary year, Czarkowski’s Canna Advisors has provided business consulting services to cannabis clients in 29 states.

Comeau and Czarkowski are joined by a third founding partner, Michelle Whitmore, whose background is rooted in emerging technologies and includes serving as head of HR and talent acquisition for Sega of America. Whitmore is an expert at the art of constructing corporate culture–not just org charts–in cutting-edge industries.

Unlike other cannabis staffing firms, H2 Talent focuses on recruiting and placing executive, C-level, and integral operations roles. Leveraging a nationwide network and the founders’ insider expertise, the H2 team creates an elevated path for businesses by applying innovative approaches to source the talent solutions they need.

“My interest in the cannabis industry was first piqued when I posted a COO position for a cannabis technology company on LinkedIn and received more than 4,000 interested inquiries over a five-month period,” said Comeau. “Smart cannabis businesses need access to the best talent available, whether they come from inside or outside the industry, and experienced business leaders are eager for cannabis opportunities. With our relationships and expertise, H2 is perfectly positioned to make the win-win connections that lead to long-term success.”

H2 also uniquely prioritizes pre-license-application services, working with clients before and during the application process to ensure that every role required for a license application is filled by a well-qualified and well-vetted candidate.

“Through Canna Advisors’ extensive experience working with cannabis license applicants, we’ve learned that pre-license recruiting is a critical need for nearly everyone,” said Czarkowski. “We know how to put together the slate of subject-matter experts an applicant needs to make their application stand out in any evaluation process.”

With their combined experience in traditional, emerging, and cannabis-related sectors, Comeau, Czarkowski, and Whitmore are perfectly positioned to create the ideal balance of “outside” and “veteran” talent that will define successful cannabis company leadership for the future.

“Our goal is to be a true strategic partner to our business clients,” added Whitmore. “We’re not just filling a job. We’re helping each client build a leadership team and craft a culture that will shape the entire future of their organization.”