Ideas to Reality to Revenue

From early on in my life, I’ve always been drawn to having stimulating conversations with interesting people and consistently looking to speak with experts in their fields, while expanding my view of the way things work, how ideas turn into reality then into revenue.

That’s why I hopped into the executive search business — specializing in building national sales teams, placing key executives in emerging industries like IT outsourcing, virtual reality, big data, augmented reality, and crypto currency for over a decade.

Igniting Curiosity

Given my excitement in all of those industries, none has ever caught my curiosity like cannabis. While I was reading an article about the growth of the industry, I was consumed. Nothing has caught my attention or ignited my curiosity more.

The Next Great American Industry

Early on, I was so impressed by the amount of talented people either already in or looking to enter this Industry. My encouraging conversations were with rebels, risk takers, and innovators — all highly talented and successful individuals. I realized that the more companies we help grow, scale and provide defined career paths within these organizations, the more we could have an impact in legitimizing The Next Great American Industry.

Jumping in Head First

Being an “Entrepreneur” is a not just a personality. It’s a mindset. At no other time in the history of the planet, has there ever been a start-up industry made up of entirely of startup companies with 2000+ years of user product experience.  

So, I jumped in head first!


John W. Comeau, Founding Partner